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Ben is one of the most curious people I know, an explorer of nascent technology and evangelist for makers around the world. He approaches product-building with discipline, focused on rapid experimentation to build something people want.

Ryan Hoover - Founder, Product Hunt

Watching and learning from Ben has enabled me as a founder to see product from a different pair of eyes. He showed the tech scene what it means to build and harness a fantastic community around the most solid ideas. And I’m so happy he’s going to help others do the same

Cat Noone - Founder, Iris

Ben is a prolific maker who made his way into the Silicon Valley tech scene with no prior technical knowledge. His ability to come up with ideas and launch MVPs is so useful and critical to creating a valuable product that I'm glad he is going to teach others the same.

Hiten Shah - Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor

Equal parts debonair and winsome, Ben possesses a real product thinker and innovator's mind. His experience at Product Hunt girds his foundation in what will and won't work in the marketplace, and, coupled with his cunning ingenuity and care for craft, he's the guy I'd go to for my next MVP

Chris Messina - Co-founder Molly; X-Uber; X-Google.

I had an idea and Ben was able to guide me through to launch, start on a budget and grow a community. My business wouldn't be as successful as it is today without his help. We've gone from 0 - 1000 users in 5 months. His guidance and support is extremely valuable. I always recommend startup founders speak to him so I'm thrilled he's helping more entrepreneurs.

Holly Stephens - Founder, Triangles

Frequenty Asked Questions


Why do you hate coding?

Haha! I don't hate coding... I actually think you should learn to code! I push building projects without code to lower the barrier for those of us who cannot code (yet!). It allows you to validate your ideas before you go out to find a technical co-founder or learn to code (if that is your path!).


What kind of topics do you cover?

Tutorials cover a range of topics that aim to help you build working prototypes without having to code. Anything from idea generation, quick validation, customer development, prototyping, making a logo, admin panels and building full projects!


Will you make an tutorial on _____?

I'd love to! If you're a paid subscriber, I normally prioritise those suggestions over others. I get a lot of requests but I'll do my best.


Is any content free to use?

Yes! There are tools and smaller tutorials that will be released that are free to consume. Pro members get access to the premium content and a bunch of other benefits as mentioned on the pricing page.


Who are you?

I'm Ben - hey! I used to run Community at Product Hunt where we were acquired by AngelList. I oversaw 80k+ products launch and subsequently built around ~25 products (without code) with over 10,000 upvotes on Product Hunt, 4.5 Million+ page views and 600k+ users. I've been featured on TechCrunch, Venture Beat and others. I also wrote The Non-Technical Guide to Launching Products & Side Projects.


How often does new content get released?

New videos get released at least once per week.


May I pay with Paypal?

For various reasons, Paypal is not a supported option at newCo currently.


How do you store my credit card?

We use Stripe to securely store your card