Access to content

Through a variation of screencasts, text and videos, we will send you recommendations to help you build and complete certain stages of building your startup.

Build every day

For 30 days, try and contribute to your startup by building something for at least 30 minutes. Small features or bigger components, every little helps!

Stay accountable

Tweet your progress every day with the #30daystartup hashtag. Connect with others on the same journey and encourage each other to keep building.


You'll get access to screencasts, blog posts, articles, tools and videos to help you navigate your journey.
How to come up with and prioritise ideas
Talking to users and running effective customer development
Prototyping and building an MVP
Design and your brand, everything from color palettes to making a logo.
Generating sales and implementing initial marketing efforts
Launching your startup

Join over 3,000 others and get your startup built and launched

β€œBen is one of the most curious people I know, an explorer of nascent technology and evangelist for makers around the world. He approaches product-building with discipline, focused on rapid experimentation to build something people want.”

Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt

β€œBen is a prolific maker who made his way into the Silicon Valley tech scene with no prior technical knowledge. His ability to come up with ideas and launch MVPs is so useful and critical to creating a valuable product that I'm glad he is going to teach others the same.”

Hiten Shah
Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor

β€œI had an idea and Ben was able to guide me through to launch, start on a budget and grow a community. My business wouldn't be as successful as it is today without his help. We've gone from 0 - 1000 users in 5 months. His guidance and support is extremely valuable. I always recommend startup founders speak to him so I'm thrilled he's helping more entrepreneurs.”

Holly Stephens
Founder, Triangles

β€œEqual parts debonair and winsome, Ben possesses a real product thinker and innovator's mind. His experience at Product Hunt girds his foundation in what will and won't work in the marketplace, and, coupled with his cunning ingenuity and care for craft, he's the guy I'd go to for my next MVP”

Chris Messina
YC Alum, Co-founder Molly; X-Uber; X-Google.


1. IΒ can't code, can I still do this?

Of course! This challenge is extremely friendly to folks who can't code OR who don't want to use code. The resources in the curriculum will all be aimed at making progress without writing any code at all.

2. Where can I connect with others doing the challenge?

Follow the hashtag on Twitter: #30daystartup and you can also join our Slack channel when you sign up

3. What if I miss a day?

No worries! But just try your best to do something each day to work towards your goal. Likely if it's a project you've wanted to launch for a while, you'll be thinking about it non stop. Make it productive thinking!

4. Do I have to start on a certain day?

Nope! Feel free to start whenever suits you. The content you'll get access to will provide a natural flow for you to work through.